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Privacy Policy

  1. When you visit this site we will collect your personal information that will personally identify you, such as your name, phone number, or email address ("User Data") e.g. when you use the site's "contact us" facility.
  2. evisa-turkey-tr.org shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that information provided by the Applicants to evisa-turkey-tr.org will remain confidential. However evisa-turkey-tr.org shall not be liable for any unauthorized access by any means to that information.
  3. We will only use the User Data to contact you and provide you with information (as requested and to deal with any other matters arising as a result of that contact.

Security: We reserve the right from time to time to:

  • (a) Alter and/or introduce new and/or additional security measures without notice;
  • (b) Temporarily withdraw and/or limit the availability of this site to any individual(s); and ;
  • Do anything else that we believe necessary to preserve the security and integrity of this site and the information held in this site's databases.

Refund Policy:
You can cancel a service at evisa-turkey-tr.org without any penalties or charges before your passport and other required documents are received by us. However, no refund is possible if you decide to cancel your application after your documents are received by us and your application is sent for processing.

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